Protega Global has announced the opening of a new distribution centre in Nümbrecht, Germany.

This strategic investment aims to bolster the company’s capacity to serve its growing European customer base.

Expanding reach and reducing lead times

Following a successful showing at the Interpack 2023 event in Düsseldorf, Germany, Protega said it set its sights on expanding into the Northern European market.

The new distribution centre represents a significant step towards achieving this goal. It will not only expand Protega’s network reach but also shorten lead times for its European partners and customers.

Focus on sustainable paper-based packaging

The UK-based company said it has experienced significant growth in demand for its core products – sustainable paper-based packaging solutions.

This success has enabled Protega to further invest in its Hexcel & Protega paper product range.

A particular highlight of Protega’s offering is its Hexcel Wrap, a recyclable paper-based protective packaging solution.

This eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bubble wrap has been a major success story for the company.

The Hexcel range also includes void-fill and paper cushioning solutions, all manufactured in the UK.

Offering superior protection for a wide range of products, from delicate cosmetics and crockery to beverages and jewellery, Protega said its Hexcel products empower businesses to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by simply replacing plastic packaging with Forest Stewardship Council-sourced paper and cardboard alternatives.

Reduced carbon footprint through local presence

Protega’s decision to establish a base in mainland Europe goes beyond just expanding its reach.

By locating closer to its customers, the company said it can significantly reduce the transportation miles associated with delivering its products, consequently minimising its environmental impact.

“This is a great move for Protega to continue expansion into Europe in order to serve our established customer base throughout Germany and the Netherlands. We hope to add more distribution centres in the future, to further expand access for our European customers,” said Richard Steedman, director of Protega Global.