US-based Plastic Technologies (PTI) has unveiled a free smartphone and tablet app that calculates the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of polyethylene terephthalate(PET) resin blends.

The PET Blend Calculator estimates the IV through a two-step process and is so far available on iPhone/iPad and Android platforms.

The user will be asked by the first screen to plug in the volume percentage and IV for each of the two resins and by tapping the screen’s submit button, the new IV is displayed as well as the molecular weight for each of the resins and the final blend.

Once the calculation is complete, the user is directed to a PET hydrolytic degradation nomograph screen to input moisture information, such as percentage of moisture/parts per million.

According to the company, the calculator computes the final IV in a short span of time and helps the companies minimise the chances of producing underperforming preforms, bottles and thermoforms.