North America clear folding box manufacturer Printex Transparent Packaging (PTP) has repurposed its capabilities to produce face shield splash guard.

The company has facilities in New York and Montreal. It has delivered more than ten million shields to front line workers in the last three months.

Additionally, the company has delivered the face shields to healthcare facilities, government agencies, as well as food processors and industrial distributors. It had donated thousands and sold millions.

PTP president David Dennison said: “When the outbreak happened, we had the materials and the equipment to produce face shields, we just needed a good design. Within days, our designers in NY, Montreal and Burlington collaborated to come up with a great design that is efficient to produce using materials we already had in our manufacturing facilities.

“Our team met with potential users for initial feedback and within a week we were producing in NY and Montreal, shipping product across the US and Canada. Some being sold and some being donated.”

Featuring an economically disposable design, the PTP shield and strap are lightweight and fully produced using recyclable materials.

The line extensions include shields for bump caps, hard hats and printing brand logos on the shield or head strap.

The company produces its own design of safety shield market, and the clear shield section for other manufacturers that provide their own head strap and assembly.

Printex Transparent Packaging specialises in non-paper packaging converting business applying clear PET windows to paper folding cartons.