Swedish company PulPac has collaborated with machine builder Curt G Joa (JOA) to address North America’s demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

As part of this partnership, JOA will be responsible for providing turnkey solutions for the Dry Moulded Fibre (DMF) production platform, called PulPac Modula, to the US market.

This will expand PulPac’s capabilities and presence in North America with the help of JOA, a specialist in engineering and custom machine manufacturing for the disposable hygiene market.

PulPac chief partnership officer Viktor Börjesson said: “We are very excited to welcome JOA as a turnkey partner to the Dry Moulded Fibre network. They are a highly skilled partner with a strong market presence and extensive knowledge and background in building and supplying turnkey machines for fibre conversion in the hygiene industry.

“We are very much looking forward to introducing them to our customers and starting to deliver the PulPac Modula to licensees in North America together with them.”

PulPac’s licensing business approach will allow it to scale up the overall supply chain, comprising a global network of partners, by supporting associated licensees to gradually transition to DMF.

The company said its fibre-forming technology is ‘competitive enough’ to drive a ‘viable shift’ from conventional single-use plastics towards fibre-based alternatives.

Developed and patented by PulPac, DMF is a fibre-forming technology that allows brand owners, converters and associated industry partners to develop new and enhanced standards in terms of sustainable packaging.

JOA business development manager Ryan Brown said: “In PulPac and DMF, we see enormous potential to bring sustainable packaging to the North American market. This is a true breakthrough technology.”

In 2021, PulPac raised an additional $1.2m to accelerate its efforts for the commercialisation of DMF.