Argentina-based personal and home care products manufacturer Queruclor Group has acquired the filling business of aluminium containers maker Exal.

The sale of Exal Packaging, which is headquartered in Garin, Argentina, allows its parent to focus on its existing can making facilities in North and South America.

Queruclor president Walter Lopez said: “A number of years ago, we selected Exal Packaging S.A. as our contract filler for our Personal Care division due to their years of experience in filling personal care products for multinational and local brands, having filled more than 2.5 billion aerosols.

“With the acquisition of Exal Packaging SA, we will continue operations, providing filling and formulation services, and also maintaining the high manufacturing and quality standards that Exal Packaging has been known for over the years.

“This also provides an opportunity to continue our business relationship with Exal as a can supplier, expanding our market in South America and providing our current and future customers premium filling services, for them to offer the best products in the local and international markets.”

Exal offers premium aluminium packaging solutions for the beverage, beauty and personal care, home care, pharmaceutical, and food market segments.

Last month, Ardagh announced that the company will merge its Food & Specialty Metal Packaging business with Exal to form the Trivium Packaging entity.

Exal CEO Michael Mapes said: “In light of our recent merger announcement, the sale of Exal Packaging SA, Exal’s only filling business, makes perfect sense as it will allow Trivium to focus on its core metal packaging business.

“We are pleased to sell the business to Queruclor, a company with a solid reputation in Argentina.”