US-based sustainable packaging provider Ranpak has launched its new on-demand paper-based heavy cushioning solution in North America.

The PadPak Auto-Coiler creates a paper-based cushioning solution that acts as an alternative to foam and plastic cushioning.

The solution forms Ranpak’s pads into a supportive and protective spiral disc of paper. It increases the thickness and surface area of the cushioning product when paper pads are coiled for enhanced shock absorption.

The solution is designed for heavy, dense or high-value products that can be harder to ship. These include industrial manufacturing, home furnishing, medical and automotive products.

Ranpak CEO Omar Asali said: “At Ranpak, we believe that what’s good for the environment is also good for the bottom line, and that sustainable solutions don’t need to compromise product quality, effectiveness or ease of use.

“The addition of the PadPak Auto-Coiler to our broad range of paper-based solutions gives even more manufacturers a new and better option to meet their supply chain, shipping and sustainability goals.”

The customisable Ranpak Auto-Coiler solution is easy to operate, offers a wide range of paper basis weight options, has five operation modes and a density control selection.

Last week, Ranpak announced that all its European manufacturing facilities received a Chain of Custody certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

The company, which was bought by One Madison in 2018, offers sustainable protective packaging solutions for products included in commerce and industrial supply chains.