Ranpak, a sustainable paper-based packaging solutions provider, has introduced the Geami MV wrapping system to enhance its wrapping portfolio. 

This new system, a part of Ranpak’s Geami portfolio of converters, is a compact, powered converter designed to enhance productivity and simplicity. 

The Geami MV solution expands the company’s range of wrapping application solutions by integrating features from earlier 2023 launches, such as the Geami MS Mini and Geami Wrap ‘n Go systems.  

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the Geami MV converter features easy-to-use function keys for paper loading, speed control, and toggling between preset mode or foot pedal mode.  

The preset mode is designed to conserve material by dispensing a set amount of paper for similar products, thereby enhancing efficiency. 

The system can handle light paper rolls and supports both Geami paper and interleaf paper, in turn offering additional surface protection when necessary.  

This new system is ideal for packaging mechanical parts , cosmetics, electronic components, medical supplies, and home goods. 

Ranpak chairman & CEO Omar Asali said: “The continued rise in e-commerce means shippers are looking to optimise, setting up their warehouses with many pack stations that are configured for spatial efficiency and productivity. Our customers are seeking solutions that help them conserve space but maximise throughput across the warehouse. 

“The Geami MV solution provides our customers with new technology that marries the efficiency of a powered converter solution with the smaller size profile that is becoming more important in environments where space is at a premium.” 

In February 2024, Ranpak developed a new solution, Cut’it! EVO Multi-Lid, to address the demand for flexible box branding.