Innovative packaging development-to-manufacture company Sirane has introduced its new Earthboard Eco cake boards.

The board can easily be recycled in the paper/board recycling stream. The eco-friendly water-based coating also gives the boards the required grease or moisture barrier.

Traditional cake boards are either foil-backed or lined with plastic to provide the required grease or moisture protection, but Sirane has developed a cost-effective alternative.

Sirane board products director Ross Griffin said: “Recent stats show that in the UK alone we spend £368m a year on cakes. Many of these will use cake boards, and the vast majority – if not all – will currently end up in landfill or incinerated.

“We can supply a recyclable alternative, which does the same job, at virtually the same cost – in fact, in some cases, we can actually offer a cost saving.

“This is a sustainable, plastic-free, recyclable packaging solution, which functions in exactly the same way and offers a range of additional branding options.”

With expertise in absorbency and material science, Sirane’s specialisms include board products; bags, pouches and film, including traditional flexibles; absorbent products; assembly and fulfilment; plastic replacement and more.

Sirane recently claimed to offer the world’s first approved recyclable absorbent pad or ‘Earthpad’ after the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) permitted it as suitable for fruit.