Recycling Partnership offers grant for Pittsburgh recycling programme

19 November 2019 (Last Updated November 19th, 2019 11:10)

US non-profit recycling organisation The Recycling Partnership has awarded $500,000 grant to support Pittsburgh’s curbside residential recycling programme.

US non-profit recycling organisation The Recycling Partnership has awarded a $500,000 grant to support Pittsburgh’s kerbside residential recycling programme.

The funding will help residents transition to a containerised recycling system to reach Pittsburgh’s zero-waste goal.

In June, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto revealed plans to provide more blue recycling bins to the city’s residents. Peduto proposed to add funds to the city’s 2020 budget.

The grant matches the city’s 2020 Capital Budget proposal and will be used to purchase and deploy recycling containers.

The organisation invests in community recycling programmes nationwide. It will offer technical assistance for the city.

The Recycling Partnership Grants and Community Development director Rob Taylor said: “The partnership is excited to respond to Mayor Peduto’s plan to help Pittsburgh transition away from a bag-based recycling programme into a containerised one by offering to match the mayor’s proposed investment dollar for dollar.

“By putting this grant funding on the table, The Recycling Partnership will boost the city’s ability to transition away from bags and move towards a more efficient and effective recycling programme.

“A move away from blue bags is a perfect complement to the city’s Better Recycling, Better Burgh effort to encourage citizens to adopt bins and recycle properly.”

The move follows the Pennsylvania Resources Council’s initiative that has provided more than 10,000 blue bins and recycling education to the residents since 2015.

Environmental Services workers to collect recyclables from 115,630 residences in the city.