Returnity has launched The Last Box – a reusable shipping solution which it believes will help retailers move products between distribution centres and stores with less waste and lower costs.

According to Returnity, retailers use over one billion cardboard boxes a year for internal logistics.

The company also claims its solution will lower retailers’ packaging expenses by at least 30%, and without the requirement of breaking down empty boxes or spending excessive time unpacking products. Plus, it states employees will save 30 seconds per Last Box used.

The box is built to collapse and nest for storage and reverse shipments. It can reportedly hold 30 Last Boxes per pallet. It is built of lightweight materials and Returnity Innovations says it is water and tamper-resistant, and can transport more than 50 pounds per box.

Global Data analyst David Cakebread tells Packaging Gateway exclusively:

“Returnity is an example of new packaging design aimed squarely at the rising pressures to introduce more reusable and returnable packaging, in this case, targeted mainly at distribution channels and specifically (though not exclusively) logistics carriers and couriers.

“As for all such returnable systems, the relative advantages over existing packaging formats – in this case one-trip corrugated cases which are generally highly efficient and recycled – is dependent on a wide number of factors, including protection of the product in transit, the initial costs/environmental impact to manufacture, integration and efficiency in the existing distribution systems, ease and speed of use and handling (especially collapsibility in this case) and critically the number of lifetime return trips achievable and end of life disposal.”

Last year, Returnity introduced reusable shipping and delivery packaging systems to help retailers and brands avoid massive amounts of cardboard and plastics from being recycled.