US-based packaging company Rieke, owned by TriMas Packaging, has invested in a manufacturing facility in New Albany, Ohio.

Located near Rieke’s existing manufacturing facility in the city, the highly automated plant will be equipped with advanced injection moulding and assembly capabilities.

The facility will produce foaming and traditional dispensers and expand the company’s manufacturing presence in North America.

The 230,000ft² facility is currently in development and is expected to start production in the second quarter of next year.

Once operational, it will manufacture foaming, traditional dispensers and TriMas Packaging’s latest products for the beauty and personal care end markets.

TriMas president and CEO Thomas Amato said: “On the heels of record growth in TriMas’ Packaging segment last year, we are pleased to continue to support our customers by investing in our packaging manufacturing operations in North America.

“The expansion of our capabilities, in what is commonly referred to as the Beauty Park area of Ohio, will support the future growth of our business with advanced manufacturing technology and operational excellence, while [remaining] close to many of our customers to ensure continued excellent lead times and collaborative product development.

“We are pleased to build upon our strong workforce in New Albany and are thankful for all of our customers who use our products and have enabled us to execute on this opportunity.”

The facility will allow the production of a variety of products that are currently produced outside the US.

It is also expected to improve Rieke’s operational flow and strengthen the company’s commitment to creating a high-quality and employee-friendly work environment.

The plant will use efficient moulding machines and enhanced workflow approaches, which are expected to use less energy for each unit produced when compared to current means.

Besides Rieke, TriMas Packaging also owns Taplast, Affaba and Ferrari and Rapak.