Corrugated packaging manufacturer RockTenn has reported Q4 2011 net sales of $2.46bn, which increased by $1.65bn over the same period of 2010, due to the full quarter impact of the Smurfit-Stone acquisition in May this year.

The North American company’s segment income also increased by 81.9% to $241m, over the prior year quarter as a result of the acquisition.

The firm said its total containerboard and paperboard tonnes produced in the quarter increased by 1.8 million tonnes and stood at 2.39 million tonnes compared to the prior year quarter.

The increase included an increase in recycled paperboard tonnes and bleached paperboard tonnes.

Net sales of the corrugated packaging segment increased from $1.4bn to $1.62bn in the quarter compared to the same period in 2010 because of the company’s purchase.

TockTenn’s consumer packaging segment said net sales for the quarter increased by $93.2m compared to the previous year quarter.