Global digital printing solutions provider Roland DG has added a new direct printing solution, VersaOBJECT, to its portfolio.

The new lineup adds six new CO models to the company’s series of large-format UV-LED flatbed inkjet printers, four of which have fixed flatbed tables with three different fixed table sizes for the 64-inch versions, and two printers built with belt systems.

Tony Miller, Roland DG’s global sales and marketing division president said: “The VersaOBJECT line is our direct printing solution that enables easy and efficient high-precision printing on three-dimensional objects without using conventional methods such as pad printing or screen printing which require specialised skill and know-how.”

According to the company, the new inkjet series features UV inks that cure by UV irradiation. They are designed to be printed on various materials such as plastic, leather, wood, and cloth directly.

The CO series can take on objects of a height up to 200mm and a weight of 100kg/m².

In addition, the new series enables printing on curved or uneven finishings. It is suitable for customising packaging, high-mix, low-volume production parts and other consumer and industrial products.

Furthermore the printers in the CO series are compatible with CMYKOrRe as well as the special ink colours of Clear, White, and Primer.

Miller added: “As consumer needs become more diverse and individualised, it is essential to provide one-of-a-kind products and services, and to respond flexibly to the trend toward small-lot, high-mix manufacturing.

“In such an environment, it is becoming increasingly important to add value to consumer products and other items and to provide them on demand to differentiate oneself from competitors and achieve sustainable growth.

“To respond to such needs, which are accelerating in various industries, we have launched a new brand, VersaOBJECT, to strengthen and diversify our offerings to our customers.”