Thermoformed plastic packaging products producer RPC Astrapak Plastop has developed a new container range called Medipac to serve the prescriptive medicines and wellness supplements markets.

The company is offering the containers in 145ml, 175ml, 260ml and 340ml sizes, making them a suitable option for all types of tablets, capsules and supplements.

RPC Astrapak manufactured the containers using 100% polypropylene (PP) to adhere to healthcare standards. They are impact-resistant and ensure maximum product protection.

The containers feature an optional liner in the closure to protect the products from degradation during transport.

The screw-on closure also incorporates a tamper-evident sealing band to offer enhanced consumer safety.

A large decorative area on the Medipac containers allows companies to personalise their products for effective branding using screen-printing or self-adhesive labels, while the classic rounded shape and surface finish gives an attractive appearance on the shelf.

The 100% recyclability of the PP material used allows companies to meet their sustainability targets.

According to the company, the recycled PP can be used for spatulas, cutting boards, storage bins and shipping pallets.

RPC Astrapak manufactures a range of rigid-moulded and thermoformed plastic packaging products for the African market.

"The 100% recyclability of the PP material used allows companies to meet their sustainability targets."

The company serves a range of markets, including personal care, dairy, food services, and automotive through Moulding, Forming, and Innovation and Design divisions.

Earlier this month, RPC Bramlage and RPC M&H Divisions partnered to offer a fast-to-market bottle and closure solution for confectionery, food and beverage companies globally.

Mondelēz International selected the bottles to launch its Trident chewing gum brand into the German market.