RPC Barrier Containers is set to manufacture a new ready-to-eat and on-the-go food container, suitable for hot and cold, cooked and fresh, and savoury and sweet dishes.

The new la Cup2 container, available in a 300g size with a separate pot and lid, enables sauce products to be processed, packed and prepared separately and only combined at the point of consumption.

The sauce or other products to be added to the main dish is sealed in the lid, which is hermetically sealed to the pot to create a single pack.

The concept can be manufactured in either mono-layer polypropylene for fresh or pasteurised products or with an EVOH barrier for products that require sterilisation.

Typical applications of the container include accompanying sauces for a variety of food dishes such as pasta, meat and rice, as well as salads with dressings, vegetable garnishes for meat dishes and breakfast cereals with milk.