US-based manufacturer RxSafe has launched a new automated strip packaging system for retail and health system pharmacies.

Designed to address the country’s medication adherence crisis, the new RapidPakRx solution is equipped with a total of 23 cameras and three layers of integrated machine vision pill detection, verification and inspection features.

According to the Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy, medication non-adherence leads to approximately 125,000 preventable deaths a year and up to $300bn in avoidable healthcare costs.

“Pharmacies can now offer their patients a product that meets their needs and improves patient adherence.”

The RxSafe system offers adherence packaging solution that can organise prescription medications into individual multi-med pouches.

Each multi-med pouch is labelled with precise information such as medication name, day of week, date and time of administration of the medicine.

The individual pouches will enable patients to easily remember and follow the medication instruction either at home or while travelling.

RxSafe president and chief executive officer William Holmes said: “RapidPakRx is an affordable, effective, on-demand adherence packaging system. Pharmacies can now offer their patients a product that meets their needs and improves patient adherence.

“No one else has ever attempted to build a ‘pour and package’ multi-med strip packaging system. I am proud of the game-changing technology that RxSafe is bringing to market.”

The RapidPakRx automation technology not only helps avoid the use of trays or remote tray filling stations but also prevents errors that could result from hand filling the trays.

The system is capable of running 20 bulk-loaded universal cartridges that dispense all oral solid medications, including gel caps, half tabs and new generics.