S-One Labels & Packaging (S-OneLP) has secured multiple TUV certifications for its ReEarth compostable flexible packaging films.

The company said that it received both TUV OK compost HOME and TUV OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification.

Certified film products include REE34MSU, ReEarth 3.4mil metallised compostable pouch web, REE34MSUP, ReEarth 3.4mil metallised, compostable stand-up pouch and the REE22MSW, a 2.2mil metallised compostable snack web.

In addition, the printed pouch made from REE34MSUP is also Lomi-approved for home composting.

S-OneLP develops the ReEarth line of prelaminated flexible packaging films with bio-based and compostable components.

The company jointly designed these films with materials manufacturers of bio-based and compostable resins, films, adhesives, and coatings.

The TUV OK compost HOME certification means, the films are fully compostable even in a garden compost pile, which is a slower-paced process compared with industrial composting.

As the name suggests, products certified to be TUV OK compost INDUSTRIAL, are compostable in an industrial composting environment.

It includes all pouch components including the Michelman DigiPrime, HP Indigo inks and a CatPak Matte eBeam overprint varnish.

S-OneLP sales VP Sharon Beeman said: “We are committed to developing end-of-life solutions for our products to keep our landscapes and oceans cleaner, now and for generations to come. TUV certification allows us to better align with our customers’ initiatives for sustainable flexible packaging.”

S-One Labels and Packaging provides digitally printed label and flexible packaging solutions.

The company is also the exclusive supplier of Michelman in-line and off-line primers in the US, Canada, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg to HP Indigo digital printers.

S-One Labels & Packaging announces its ReEarth compostable flexible packaging films TUV certifications. Credit: AlenKadr via Shutterstock.com.