Sana Packaging, a company known for its sustainable approach to cannabis packaging, has unveiled its latest innovation – a preroll multipack made from reclaimed ocean-bound plastic.

This multipack features a child-resistant clamshell closure and can hold up to five 85mm prerolls, ranging from 0.5g to 1g each. Notably, the packaging provides ample space for branding and labelling of products.

A milestone in sustainability

Since introducing its first ocean-bound plastic cannabis packaging in 2019, Sana Packaging has made significant strides in its sustainability efforts.

The company recently celebrated a major achievement: reclaiming more than 750,000lbs of ocean-bound plastic.

This accomplishment underscores Sana Packaging’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its dedication to reducing plastic waste in the cannabis industry.

Customer support fuels progress

According to Ron Basak-Smith, CEO of Sana Packaging, the company owes much of its success to the support of its customers.

Basak-Smith expressed gratitude for the role these customers have played in driving positive change within the industry.

He emphasised that Sana Packaging’s journey towards sustainability is far from over and looks forward to reaching the milestone of reclaiming one million pounds of ocean-bound plastic.

Focus on sustainability

Sana Packaging’s reclaimed ocean-bound plastic cannabis packaging products are not only environmentally friendly but also meet stringent safety standards.

These products are certified child-resistant, food-grade compliant, and US Food and Drug Administration-approved. Additionally, they are manufactured in the US and are fully recyclable.

Sana Packaging also offers custom printing and labelling services to cater to the branding needs of its clients.