International packaging firm Schur is set to launch a new fibre-based spoon as a sustainable alternative to similar plastic offerings.

The new spoon is made of natural cardboard fibre and is intended to replace plastic spoons that come with yoghurt pots.

The patent-pending Schur Spoon is developed in collaboration with Schur Pack Denmark and Schur Technology. Schur Technology is currently developing the machine to fold the spoons.

Schur Pack Denmark CEO Christian Schur said: “We are well underway with building the custom spoon folding machine, which will be a product of close cooperation between engineers, designers and customers.”

The company is working with customers to further improve the concept and optimise the usage of the Schur Spoon, when introduced.

Schur added: “Dialogue with customers is very valuable to us and it helps ensure that the spoon is a good solution for everyone in the value chain, from us as a producer of top cups packaging and all the way to the consumers.”

Once introduced, the Schur Spoon is expected to reduce the use of disposable plastic products, contributing to the company’s sustainable initiatives.

Schur added: “This is both an area we focus on and a field in rapid development. This is why we see many good opportunities for making our own contribution to a better tomorrow.”

Notably, an EU directive to ban the use of plastic spoons in top cups is set to become effective next year.

Schur is a group of 12 companies focusing on the delivery of packaging, packaging machines, packaging systems and related services.

Currently, it employs around 850 people across its facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Australia and the US.