Scottish eco-packaging factory Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging is set to provide green products to every McDonald’s restaurant in the UK.

The company has invested £4.2m in expanding its plant and receiving a grant of £475,000 from Scottish Enterprise. This expansion will allow Cullen to increase its capacity and introduce new machinery, creating compostable packaging for McDonald’s and generating 34 new jobs while safeguarding 20 existing ones.

The project also includes the installation of solar panels to enhance the factory’s sustainability.

Increasing capacity and job creation

With the completion of its £4.2m expansion project, Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging Ltd aims to fulfil the demand for compostable packaging at every McDonald’s location in the UK.

The company is Europe’s sole combined manufacturer of moulded pulp and corrugated cardboard packaging. It currently supplies its products to various clients, including supermarkets and the medical industry.

The grant from Scottish Enterprise played a crucial role in enabling the expansion and creating additional jobs. The project is expected to bring in 34 new employees and provide a comfortable working environment for the existing workforce of 189 people.

Advancing sustainable packaging solutions

Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging’s expansion signifies its focus on innovation in eco-friendly packaging.

By utilising offcuts from the production of cardboard boxes, the company produces plastic-alternative moulded fibre products for industries such as medical, food and drink, retail, industrial and horticultural sectors.

Notably, their latest achievement is the development of a paper bottle for dry goods, offering an alternative to plastic. The expansion also aligns with the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Manufacturing Challenge Fund, a £25m initiative aimed at reducing emissions and supporting the growth of low carbon industries in Scotland.

Looking towards the future of sustainable packaging

Cullen Eco-Friendly Packaging managing director Allan Maitland expressed enthusiasm for the expansion and its potential impact. He highlighted the importance of manufacturing eco-friendly packaging on a larger scale to meet the global demand for sustainable alternatives to plastic.

Maitland believes that this expansion positions Cullen as a key player in the sustainable packaging revolution and will contribute to job creation in the sector.

The project exemplifies the Scottish Government’s commitment to supporting innovative companies like Cullen as they adapt to the industries of the future and contribute to the battle against climate change.