Dutch manufacturer of imaging and print technology Screen has announced the launch of a new platesetter for the packaging industry, featuring thermal imaging technology.

The company claims the technology allows nearly 4800dpi output for the production of flexible packaging, labels, cartons and corrugated packaging.

The resolution is expected to improve the smoothness of curves and diagonals, while the gradations appear smooth in the highlights.

This is further enhanced by Screen’s FlexoDot screening technology, which offers a choice of minimum halftone dot size and shapes.

The new PlateRite FX1200 supports all makes of plate at sizes, from 100mm x 100mm up to 1200mm x 1067mm, and can also be upgraded onsite to the larger FX1524 specification of 1524mm x 1067mm.

Through a newly-developed imaging head and associated optics, the technology can achieve screen rulings of up to 200lpi, using 64 laser diodes.

The item also features an easy-to-operate clamp system for holding the trailing edges of maximum-size plates and can be driven from any of Screen’s workflows.