Protective food and packaging company Sealed Air Corporation has changed its name to SEE to reflect its reinvention strategy.

SEE is a market-driven, customer-first and solutions-oriented company that partners with customers to deliver packaging solutions that integrate automation, digital and sustainability while creating significant value for their businesses.

SEE’s operating model and operational excellence have significantly increased its growth and earnings performance over the past five years.

The company’s growth and evolution have gone beyond what it once was, and the new corporate brand and logo directly reflect that transformation. SEE’s new logo represents automation, digital and packaging, with the full circle symbolising the company’s purposeful commitment to sustainability and circularity in everything they do.

Automation, digital and sustainability are SEE’s key focus areas

SEE is continuously redefining what packaging does and can do by integrating automation, digital and sustainability into solutions that exceed the needs of its customers.

The company’s focus areas are:

Automation: SEE designs, manufactures, sources and delivers automated packaging solutions with paybacks shorter than three years. The company is on a path to double its automation portfolio by 2027, enabling customers to unlock productivity and savings.

Digital: SEE’s digital printing and online value-added services empower brand owners to improve business performance and operational efficiency. The company expects over 80% of its sales to be transacted digitally by 2027. SEE’s solutions reach consumers through engaging and cost-effective digital designs and content.

Sustainability: SEE continuously brings customers new, innovative materials and applications that reduce waste, extend shelf-life, increase protection, enable circularity and reduce carbon impacts of products and packaging.

Nearly 20% of its materials portfolio comes from recycled or renewable sources. SEE’s Net Positive Circular Ecosystem makes sustainability affordable for customers by lowering their total cost through automation, digital and innovative packaging solutions.

SEE supplies packaging for more than 30 billion products globally each year and the new corporate brand represents the power of its brands and solutions, including equipment, services and materials.