Shrink sleeve labels manufacturer Shrinkflex is strengthening its production capabilities with the integration of a new Nilpeter FA-22 Flexo press.

The FA-22 Flexo press is equipped with advanced drying technology, cold-foil equipment, a UV-laminating unit, a video inspection system, and other features.

The new press marks the first Flexo-branded production line for Shrinkflex, as it aims to become one of the leaders in environmentally sustainable growth.

The company previously used two main printing methodologies, gravure and digital printing.

Shrinkflex’s collaboration with Nilpeter involves strategic cooperation concerning technological developments.

This partnership makes Shrinkflex an ‘open house’ facility that enables both national and international visitors to observe its processes.

With this concept, printing companies will have access to insights into the operational strategies of Shrinkflex.

Shrinkflex CEO Michael Tsoi said: “Our collaboration with Nilpeter is not just about adding a press to our floor. It’s a strategic alliance that brings technological innovation to the forefront.

“The Nilpeter FA-22 Flexo press stands as a symbol of our commitment towards increased automation and digitalisation, driving us forward in the competitive packaging industry.”

Nilpeter’s FA line is built for the modern printing operator and features a user-friendly interface with fully mobile print controls.

The Flexo portfolio comprises the FA-14, FA-17, and F1-22 models.

It is claimed to deliver maximum levels of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and excellent printing results on various substrates.