In response to impending European regulations mandating the adoption of circular packaging, Sidel has launched an innovative polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle tailored for carbonated beverages. 

With a dedicated focus on long-lasting reuse, the bottle aligns with the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation’s goal of achieving 25% reusability by 2040. 

PET: The material of choice for returnable packaging

As the push for returnable packaging gains momentum, PET emerges as the preferred material for packaging manufacturers.

Utilising PET not only facilitates lighter bottle weights but also contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions, a crucial factor in meeting sustainability targets.

Robust endurance

Sidel has meticulously crafted a PET bottle, which it claims has a “best-in-class weight and high level of resistance”, capable of withstanding numerous washing cycles.

Engineered for robust endurance, Sidel said the bottle qualifies for up to 25 refillable loops.

Complemented by a dedicated blowing process, the structural design ensures the bottle’s resilience to high washing temperatures, featuring a reinforced neck for in-neck-held washing and refill cycles.

Lightweight, recyclable and future-forward

Addressing the industry’s drive to reduce material usage, the structural design of Sidel’s PET bottle comes in various formats, including 1L, 1.5L and 2L, presenting a significant opportunity for lightweighting. For instance, the 1.5L bottle, weighing just 77g, boasts a 28% weight saving compared to the market average.

Even at the end of its lifecycle, the bottle can be seamlessly recycled into a new one, embodying the circularity of PET.

Proven expertise

Drawing on over four decades of leadership in PET bottle blow-moulding equipment, Sidel supports beverage producers transitioning to returnable bottles. 

Sidel says its EvoBLOW eHR range offers the highest preform reheating capability and enables the production of up to 1,300 bottles per hour per mould for CSD and carbonated water (for a 1L bottle).

Sidel’s commitment to innovation and sustainability positions it as a key player in shaping the future of beverage packaging.