Aseptic packaging solution provider SIG has started producing beverage cartons with recycled polymer from post-consumer plastic waste.

Manufactured from renewable plastic, SIG’s beverage cartons support the circular economy by encouraging the regeneration of natural resources in responsibly managed forests.

The mixed plastic waste is collected and treated to enhance it. Then, it is transformed into a high-quality food-grade material.

SIG sustainability product manager Ace Fung said: “Using post-consumer recycled polymers in our packaging adds to our portfolio of solutions to help customers respond to consumer demand for more sustainable packaging.

“This latest innovation demonstrates SIG’s commitment to a circular economy and to address environmental concerns about plastic waste. This is another positive strive forward for SIG and the carton packaging industry.”

SIG’s recycled polymers will be certified to the ISCC PLUS standard. This will enable customers to track the recycled content journey from post-consumer waste streams to the processing and production of new cartons.

The recycled polymers will have the same high quality and features as the polymers made from the virgin raw materials.

SIG is also a part of the group of companies that have partnered for the company’s supplier development of recycled polymers from post-consumer waste.

SABIC corporate sustainability general manager Frank Kuijpers said: “Certified circular polymers from SABIC TRUCIRCLE initiative will act as a bridge, moving from a linear economy to a circular one, and will enable the value chain to become familiar with the products and consider how they can best be implemented in their own markets.”