Aseptic packaging solutions provider SIG has developed a new digital monitoring and control solution for food and beverage manufacturers to help them optimise filling plant operations.

The new SIG Plant 360 Controller is a modular solution with open software, which is compatible with associated equipment and machinery.

It provides the manufacturers complete flexibility over their technology partners.

SIG Plant 360 Controller has been designed to address the growing production challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers due to higher demands.

The deployment of the solution will enable them to gradually integrate all horizontal plant processes and systems into one platform. The process will provide the client with a complete overview of their entire production cycle.

SIG Plant 360 Controller comprises these core modules, namely Connector, Performer and Governor.

The Connector module ensures full connectivity in a manufacturer’s plant irrespective of equipment and supplier, while the Performer module enables all connected equipment to share information on a platform.

“We know you can improve OEE by an average of 5% while plant capacity can be improved by 10%.”

The Governor module operates as a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and offers complete plant control.

SIG Equipment senior product manager Stefan Mergel said: “Potential cost savings from the Governor module are obviously dependent on the customer but from our experience we have some proven key figures.

“We know you can improve OEE by an average of 5% while plant capacity can be improved by 10%.”

Overall, the three modules provide manufacturers a scalable integrated information and control solution that can be tailored to fulfil specific operations.