Irish packaging company Smurfit Kappa has introduced a sustainable, thermo-laminated metallised film for manufacturing bags as part of its Bag-in-Box range.

The M-Compact 77 film is being produced at the company’s Ibi facility in Spain.

Smurfit Kappa said that thermo-lamination technology is more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient compared with alternative lamination methods.

The technology bonds separate films together through exposure to heat without using the adhesives typically used for lamination.

By using the film, the company claims to have reduced the weight of its bags by 12% and their carbon dioxide emissions by 7%.

Smurfit Kappa Ibi film manager Victor Juan said: “We have been developing this film for more than two years; challenging our suppliers, analysing our own film structures and applying our strictest testing protocols.

“Having full control of the manufacturing processes on all steps, we can guarantee excellent performance of our new metal bags on production lines, supply security and efficient traceability for our customers, and good product preservation during transport, on shelf and at home.”

M-Compact 77 expands the company’s Bag-in-Box film portfolio, which contains offerings for a range of markets and supply chain necessities.

It will also complement the company’s range of flexible materials, including the E-Compact ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) film and Vitop Compact tap.

Smurfit Kappa Ibi general manager Pascual Martinez said: “Today, Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box cannot imagine a single product development that does not involve reducing the carbon footprint of the lifecycle of our bags.

“Our integrated production model, big investment in advanced technologies and research and development have already enabled us to make significant progress towards our environmental goals.”

Last month, Smurfit Kappa purchased Verzuolo, a recycled containerboard mill located near Italy’s Savona port.

The 600,000t mill is intended to aid the company’s existing operations and provide additional supply security for its customer base.