Finland-based pulp and paper firm Stora Enso has introduced a new business platform for renewable packaging.

Named as Box Inc, the new platform is a digital B2B marketplace for corrugated packaging produced using renewable materials.

It has initially launched in Germany and will enable online sourcing of packaging.

The company is planning to expand the platform to other European markets.

Box Inc head Mikael Fristedt Westre said: “Box Inc digitalises the traditional buying process by allowing buyers and sellers of packaging to complete the full sourcing journey online.

“As customers are increasingly expecting digital convenience, we offer a smart solution that reduces the time and effort needed to find the best offer.”

The platform will enable brands and companies to buy packaging that is low-carbon, renewable, plastic-free and widely recycled.

Payments on the platform can be performed securely with no fee levied with purchasing packaging on Box Inc.

Box Inc will operate within its own legal entity and brand but is fully owned by Stora Enso.

Stora Enso Packaging Solutions division head and EVP David Ekberg said: “With Box Inc, we are leveraging Stora Enso’s strong market presence and knowledge of the corrugated packaging industry.

“As a front runner in digitalisation in our industry, we see Box Inc as a great example of a platform business adding value to suppliers and customers alike.”

In March this year, the Finland-based pulp and paper firm launched a new sustainable cardboard packaging box designed for pellets to replace plastic packaging.