Finnish pulp and paper manufacturer Stora Enso is set to unveil its new selection of food service and food packaging boards, including the Cupforma, Trayforma and Primeforma brands.

The Cupforma range offers materials for drinking cups and includes Cupforma Natura Bio, which has a lightweight base board and can be used as package material for many kinds of foods.

The Cupforma Dairy board is suitable for cup-type consumer packages of dairy products such as ice cream and yoghurt, and is available with different coating options.

Stora Enso’s renewable option Trayforma is used for ready-meal trays and replaces plastic and aluminium in food trays.

Trayforma Performance is available with a PET coating, which allows for cooking in an oven, or with a biodegradable, non-ovenable coating suitable for salads and other fresh foods.

The company will also introduce Primeforma, a new kind of food packaging board suitable for thermoforming on existing packaging lines, and is environmental-friendly as it can be recycled.