Global packaging company Stora Enso has partnered with global retailer XXXLutz Group to explore eco-conscious packaging solutions for the furniture packaging industry. 

The partnership is part of Stora’s strategy to join forces with leading market players to create alternative solutions to conventional packaging materials. 

According to Stora, using lightweight wood-based alternatives in place of traditional polymeric foams in the sector will help lower carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions significantly. 

The company produces the wood-based materials Fibrease and Papira.  

Fibrease, a lightweight wood fibre composite foam, is designed to replace polyurethane (PU) foams and is an excellent alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS) in cold chain management.  

Papira, on the other hand, is a biobased and biodegradable foam that stands out for its shock-absorbing properties, offering protection for fragile and high-value items.  

The lightweight and rigid material can serve as a sustainable alternative to EPS and polyethylene (PE) foams. 

These foam alternatives are recyclable, similar to paper and cardboard, and can be disposed of alongside these materials.

XXXLutz ESG head Sascha Matzner said: “These characteristics alone are reason enough to be even more motivated to start the testing phase. This affects packaging for our entire product range – from dinner plates to cabinets.  

“All of us, retailers as well as manufacturers, are aware of the climate change issue and the heavy burden future generations will have to shoulder under current projections.”