Sukano has introduced a Mobility Aid additive masterbatch for injection stretch blow-moulded (ISBM) polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

Sukano Mobility Aid will serve as a solid PET masterbatch and can be used for virgin PET or RPET material during moulding or processing.

Leveraging the new additive masterbatch, bottle makers and brand owners can use conveyor-belt systems and production robots without using spray coating.

Sukano developed the new PET additive masterbatch using its experience with masterbatches for film extrusion in packaging applications.

According to the company, the new masterbatch produces a silicone-like mobility aid effect in PET material and is suitable to produce translucent and collared bottles used for personal care, household and cleaning, cosmetics, as well as food and beverage applications.

The company is currently working with a US-based company to optimise its production process using the new solution.

Sukano R&D global head Michael Kirch said: “Sukano Mobility Aid offers a valuable and safe alternative for bottle makers who, until now, have had to apply spray coatings to PET preforms and bottles to manage the production problems associated with ISBM production.

“Sukano Mobility Aid offers a valuable and safe alternative for bottle makers.”

“Bottle makers and brand owners can now run their conveyor belts without interruption and minimise the mispicks by production robots, thereby improving productivity and maximising yields, allowing the highest efficiency rates.

“Our high-performance masterbatch technology is applicable to any conveyor system.”

Additive masterbatch also preserves secondary processing steps such as labelling and printing as well as eliminate cost and cleaning requirements associated with spray coatings.

The solution is also claimed to avoid the potential risk of microbiological contaminations of bottle surfaces by aqueous-based coatings.