Vitamins and minerals brand SYNEVIT has adopted a strategic packaging solution to address key challenges in vitamin supplementation, ensuring optimal dosage, potency, and longevity.

In the competitive landscape of vitamin supplementation, SYNEVIT has taken a proactive approach to tackle critical issues related to dosage, potency, and degradation.

The health brand recognises the paramount importance of these factors for consumers seeking reliable and effective nutraceuticals.

Preserving potency against degradation

A prevalent concern for vitamin manufacturers is the degradation of essential nutrients due to factors such as heat, water, sunlight, and air exposure.

In response to this challenge, SYNEVIT has implemented an innovative solution by packaging its elite nutraceutical formulas in pharmaceutical-grade blister packaging.

Founder George Cvetkovski emphasises the objective, stating: “The goal with blister packaging is to prevent unnecessary oxidation, slowing down the ageing process of ingredients.

“This approach ensures that our products maintain potency and effectiveness for an extended period, surpassing the durability of comparable products housed in less effective containers.”

Optimising concentration for effective supplementation

SYNEVIT underscores the importance of maintaining supplement potency and averting oxidation, allowing the brand to adopt a balanced and targeted dosage strategy.

Cvetkovski highlights the industry’s tendency to counteract degradation with excessive doses, citing examples such as individuals consuming 50g of zinc daily during the pandemic, far exceeding the recommended daily allowance of 15g.

“The right concentration matters. Instead of resorting to overdoses, we adhere to established guidelines, formulate precise daily supplementation amounts, and leverage top-notch packaging to preserve product integrity for extended periods,” says Cvetkovski.

Avoiding unpleasant side effects

Acknowledging the risk of overconsumption and associated adverse effects, particularly with vitamins C and folic acid, SYNEVIT remains committed to providing targeted and reasonable doses.

This commitment aligns with the brand’s overarching goal of delivering effective supplements without compromising consumer well-being.

In conclusion, SYNEVIT’s adoption of pharmaceutical-grade blister packaging signifies a strategic move towards enhancing the longevity and concentration of its nutraceuticals.

This innovative approach positions the brand at the forefront of the industry, ensuring consumers receive reliable and potent vitamin supplementation.

Founded in 1998 by CEO Cvetkovski, SYNEVIT originated in North Macedonia (formerly Yugoslavia) and is now based in the country, with additional offices in Serbia and Rochester, New York, US.