Tatua Co-operative Dairy has revamped the packaging of its Waikato-made speciality creams range with a resealable pouch, lowering its plastic use by 35%.

The New-Zealand-based company claims the introduction of chalk has allowed for the reduced consistency of the largely non-recyclable material in its packaging, which has also retained a strong and durable feel.

Tatua Co-operative Dairy marketing and sales general manager Susanne Rolfe explained that when the company designed the new packaging, it focused on value, convenience and cutting down on waste.

She said: “Inside, you’ll find the same amazing taste Kiwis know and love, but on the outside, our products are better in every way for the environment, supermarkets and consumers.

“Replacing approximately a third of our plastic use with innovative natural minerals like chalk is a small yet significant step in the right direction.

“We’re the first company in New Zealand to use Ecolean packaging and it has been approved for soft plastic recycling.”

Tatua products such as culinary and whipping cream, mascarpone, cheese sauce and sour cream are being offered in 1kg stand-up pouches.

In addition, the company’s offerings of cooking cream, crème fraîche, mascarpone and sour cream have been made available in 500g pouches.

Rolfe added: “Products like crème fraîche may seem gourmet, but we want to show people how easy it is to add these delicious goodies into their daily lives.

“Using Tatua mascarpone instead of cream, for example, is an easy way to enhance the flavour and add a delicious creaminess to their favourite recipes.”