Tension Packaging & Automation, a provider of automation solutions for e-commerce and pharmacy fulfilment, has introduced fitPACK 500.

This right-sized packaging system is designed to transform e-commerce fulfilment by streamlining efficiency, reducing costs, and promoting sustainability.

Addressing sustainability concerns in e-commerce

Manufactured in the US, the company said fitPACK 500 directly tackles the growing demand for environmentally responsible packaging solutions within the e-commerce industry.

This system automatically tailors the dimensions (length, width, and height) of each package to the exact size of the product.

This minimises wasted materials, reduces overall packaging volume, and lowers the environmental footprint associated with e-commerce fulfilment.

Benefits for businesses

The fitPACK 500 solution prioritises both speed and right-sizing.

Businesses can fulfil orders swiftly without sacrificing efficiency, ensuring they meet peak demand periods effectively.

By creating right-sized packages, fitPACK 500 helps companies qualify for lower dimensional weight-based shipping rates.

This translates to substantial cost savings over time, directly impacting a company’s bottom line.

Custom-sized packaging safeguards products during transit, minimising the risk of damage and subsequent returns.

This not only reduces replacement costs but also enhances customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the TensionConnect software simplifies system operation and reduces training time needed for staff.

This user-centric design ensures a smooth integration into existing workflows.

The 3D scanner automatically adjusts film width based on product dimensions. This eliminates the need for manual film changes and product batching, streamlining the packaging process.

“Through its innovative design, fitPACK 500 offers our customers the ability to create packages according to the product size. This allows distribution centres to process orders with multiple products in varying sizes with right-sized packages, yielding reduced shipping costs and without compromising throughput,” said Tension Packaging & Automation vice-president and general manager James Herbert.