Tesco unveils recyclable plastic egg cartons

25 March 2014 (Last Updated March 25th, 2014 18:30)

UK supermarket chain Tesco has developed new recyclable plastic egg packaging that improves on the standard pulp packaging.

Egg Packaging

UK supermarket chain Tesco has developed egg packaging made from recycled plastic drinks bottles that improves on the standard pulp cartons.

Tesco says that the new cartons occupy less space during transportation and in-store, and is working with a third party supply chain consultancy firm in order to measure the decrease in carbon footprint.

The new packaging will also cut wastage. At present, eggs that break in transit can seep through the box and damage subsequent packs in the supply chain. The new packaging contains the seepage to one pack in cases of egg-breakage.

Tesco technologist Lee Gray said that the new eco-friendly packaging will help customers to reduce their food waste while offering them an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

"If used across all our free range egg range then it will save on average more than one million eggs each year that would otherwise be going to waste," Gray added.

Tesco has already trialed the new 12-egg cartons in around 200 stores that are served by depots in Livingston, Scotland and Belfast, Northern Ireland. After witnessing positive outcomes from the trials, the company is now considering rolling out the new packaging by the end of the year.

Image: Eggs in a plastic carton. Photo: courtesy of rakratchada torsap/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.