European food packaging company Tetra Pak has co-invested more than €11.5m ($13m) with recyclers and other packaging firms to develop carton recycling facilities in four countries.

The investment was made over four months and is being used to set up facilities in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Australia.

In Saudi Arabia, Tetra Pak has partnered with Obeikan Paper Industries (OPI) and Saudi Top Plastic Factory (STP) on the RIYcycle project, which involved a joint investment of more than €3m.

In Turkey, the company began a long-term collaboration with Kahramanmaraş Paper to inaugurate a recycling facility with a €4m joint investment.

The facility can recycle up to 18,000t worth of cartons a year, which is about 47% of Turkey’s current carton recycling capacity.

Tetra Pak is also involved with establishing a $5m facility in Australia with an estimated carton recycling capacity of 4,000t, using funds from a public-private partnership.

In Ukraine, the company has worked with Zmievskaya Paper Factory to open a facility to recycle carton packages, which will allow all packaging components to be recycled in one location.

The facility required a joint investment of more than €1.5m and will be able to process up to 15,000t of cartons, as well as manufacture more than 4,000t worth of PolyAl pellets a year.

According to Tetra Pak, these facilities will be able to process up to an additional 45,000t of used carton packages, thereby allowing the total global carton package recycling capacity to exceed 50 billion a year.

Tetra Pak market operation EVP Tatiana Liceti said: “Carton packages are recycled across the globe, where efficient waste management and recycling infrastructures are in place.

“Accelerating this requires all stakeholders to play an active role, including governments, local authorities, producers and consumers.

“Sustainability is one of the top three priorities for our customers, and these new facilities will help contribute towards meeting their goals.”

Last month, Tetra Pak partnered with beverage company Elvir to introduce carton packaging featuring caps made from recycled polymers.