Tetra Pak and Lund University, Sweden, have jointly launched Biotech Heights, a research hub dedicated to exploring bioprocessing technologies for sustainable food and materials production. 

Open innovation environment for bioprocessing technologies

Biotech Heights is set to revolutionise the field by establishing an open innovation environment. 

This collaborative space will provide participating organisations access to laboratories and equipment for both commercial and academic purposes. 

Tetra Pak’s experience in supporting food and beverage brands, combined with Lund University’s research capabilities, aims to address both technical and non-technical challenges faced by producers, brands and manufacturers in the bioprocessing space. 

Addressing global challenges in food production

The launch of Biotech Heights comes at a critical time, with more than one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions attributed to food production, processing and packaging.

With the world’s population rapidly growing and arable farmland becoming finite, the hub seeks to innovate new food sources to meet future demands sustainably.

By bringing together diverse players, the collaborative space aims to generate scalable solutions and foster knowledge exchange. 

Nurturing innovation and collaboration

In a company statement, Tetra Pak executive vice-president for processing solutions & equipment Charles Brand emphasised the importance of collaboration saying: “Today’s food systems are not fit for purpose and collaboration across business and academia is crucial to providing new solutions to food systems transformation.

“With Biotech Heights, we can provide a safe space for customers and collaboration partners to trial solutions to the multi-faceted challenge of scalability.”

The hub is expected to deepen the longstanding partnership between Tetra Pak and Lund University, leveraging Tetra Pak’s global expertise in food processing and packaging with the research capabilities of Lund University. 

Balancing technology and consumer perception

Tetra Pak said Biotech Heights not only focuses on technological advancements but also recognises the importance of consumer acceptance. 

Insights from Tetra Pak Index 2023 reveal that 48% of global consumers believe technological innovation is crucial for future healthy food and drink. However, 46% view food innovation as risky. 

To bridge this gap, the hub will conduct cross-disciplinary research in marketing strategies, consumer behaviour and emerging trends.