India-based business Toppan Specialty Films has announced a significant investment in BOBST technology to strengthen its film production capacity. 

The company purchased three additional BOBST EXPERT K5 Metallizers, which are set to be delivered over the next 12 months.  

This move marks a substantial expansion of Toppan’s production capabilities in the packaging sector. Its films are primarily used in sustainable flexible packaging. 

The company said it relies on BOBST metallisers for its operations and the recent purchases mean it will now house eight of these advanced machines.  

The BOBST metalliser offers high-speed metallising, energy saving and waste reduction, 20% savings in production costs, and up to a 25% reduction in total cost of ownership compared to competitors. 

With a focus on sustainability, the new metallisers will incorporate value-added features such as AlOx GEN II, a next-generation clear barrier process for monomaterial flexible packaging materials. 

In addition, they will feature AluBond for improved metal adhesion and dyne levels, as well as Hawkeye Pinhole Detector. 

The India-based business is reportedly one of the major players in the production of speciality films, label films, and graphic lamination films. 

In March this year, Vitopel, a Brazil-based biaxially oriented polypropylene solutions manufacturer, invested in BOBST’s EXPERT K5 2450mm metalliser