Trex to offer free recyclability test for plastic packaging and film

15 July 2019 (Last Updated July 15th, 2019 11:59)

US-based wood-alternative decking and railing maker Trex has introduced a free recyclability test for plastic packaging or film materials.

Trex is set to offer free recyclability tests for plastic packaging and film materials through its NexTrex recycling programme.

The US wood-alternative decking and railing maker’s scheme aims to assist packaging engineers, manufacturers and brand owners by reducing their plastic waste and carbon footprint.

Manufacturers can use the test to assess the composition of plastic or film for recyclability, the risk of remaining product contamination in each material after use, and the risk of contamination for non-recyclable plastics and films.

Packaging designers, producers and brand owners can send a packaged product sample to Trex for testing, with a comprehensive report provided in return.

The report will help customers with making necessary adjustments to comply with recyclability standards and selecting a suitable recycling method.

The company currently accepts various packaging items and films for its recycling programmes.

Distribution and manufacturing film-stretch, grocery and retail bags, bread and produce bags, case overwraps, dry cleaning bags or film, newspaper sleeves, ice and salt bags, reclosable bags, flexible polyethylene e-commerce mailers, polyethylene packaging, heat sheets, cereal box liners, wood pellet bags, carpet overwrap and mattress bags are currently accepted by Trex for its recycling programmes.

Trex material management senior director Dave Heglas said: “Trex invented composite decking more than 25 years ago as a way to reduce waste generated from plastic bags.

“Today, we are one of the largest recyclers of plastic film in North America and a leader in educating and engaging both the commercial and consumer sectors in recycling efforts.”

Trex will allow companies to participate in its Commercial Recycling Partnership programme after their packaging samples have been tested and approved.

The company also works with its recycling partners to collect and transport materials for recycling.