Global packaging company TricorBraun has entered into a new agreement with AFA Dispensing Group, a manufacturer of advanced liquid dispensing systems.

As per the agreement, TricorBraun will serve as the preferred distributor for AFA Dispensing’s next-generation sustainable and rechargeable ‘Flairosol’ spray dispensing device across the US and Canada.

TricorBraun said that Flairosol is a propellant-free, non-pressurised technology that has been designed to replace traditional aerosol packages.

The system can also be recharged and reused multiple times, making it a more sustainable alternative.

It is claimed to minimise environmental, health, and safety issues while also simplifying supply chain restrictions and complexities.

AFA Dispensing’s Flairosol has more than a 98% liquid evacuation rate, TricorBraun added.

The system has a prolonged output and a continuous spray effect, which helps in producing fine mist, ultra mist, or foaming spray patterns.

The device can be used as a sustainable packaging alternative for use in various sectors, including the personal care and beauty, nutraceuticals, home and fabric care, and pet care industries.

AFA Dispensing CEO Nir Gadot said: “TricorBraun shares our commitment to providing innovative solutions that offer better, healthier and more sustainable packaging options, enhancing brands in their differentiation.

“We are excited to partner with TricorBraun to offer this unique technology and we look forward to working with their team to expand into new segments.”

The latest signing is further expected to help TricorBraun broaden its sustainable packaging offerings for its customers in the US and Canada and is in line with its environmental, social, and governance goals.

TricorBraun COO Mark O’Bryan said: “Our Flairosol agreement is another example of our efforts to provide our customers with a vast array of innovative, sustainable packaging options across substrates. We are thrilled to partner with AFA Dispensing Group.”