Global packaging leader TricorBraun has acquired Glassland, a renowned glass packaging provider, in a strategic move to enhance its premium glass packaging business, Vetroelite.

The acquisition will significantly contribute to the growth of TricorBraun’s German footprint while also expanding the company’s presence across Europe.

Glassland, operating in Germany and Switzerland, has built a strong reputation for catering to the spirits industry and other clients.

Its extensive catalogue showcases high-end glass bottle and closure designs, meeting the diverse needs of its customer base.

This acquisition reflects TricorBraun’s commitment to strengthening its position in the premium glass packaging market.

Seamless integration and continued growth

All members of the Glassland team will remain part of TricorBraun, working from their current location in Bonn, Germany.

Following a transition period, Glassland will be fully integrated with Vetroelite, aligning its operations with TricorBraun’s vision for growth.

TricorBraun president for Europe, Declan McCarthy, emphasised the company’s successful track record in partnering with strong businesses and providing opportunities for both team members and business expansion.

Global resources and expertise for future growth

Johannes Huth, founder and CEO of Glassland, expressed excitement about joining TricorBraun and Vetroelite, highlighting the company’s access to global resources and expertise.

This strategic move enables Glassland to uphold its commitment to exceptional customer service while exploring growth opportunities in various sectors, including beer, spirits, and wine in Switzerland.

TricorBraun’s support will also facilitate expansion into other packaging segments beyond glass.