Wholesale supplier of packaging products Trinity Packaging Supply announced in a release that it would be launching an e-commerce platform powered by SupplyStream.

 The new website aggregates numerous supplier catalogues into a single storefront, offering customers access to the largest catalogue in the packaging industry with over 80,000 custom and stock products.

Promising next-day delivery and competitive pricing, Trinity’s innovative software is poised to disrupt the $200bn packaging industry, much like Airbnb and Uber transformed their respective sectors.

Data standardisation and drop-shipping enhance efficiency

Trinity’s founder and CEO Anthony Magaraci highlighted the challenges in the wholesale packaging industry related to data inconsistency and variations in product specifications across suppliers.

To address this issue, Trinity’s e-commerce site leverages technology to standardise product data, ensuring uniformity across specifications.

By utilising suppliers’ drop-ship policies, Trinity’s algorithm can identify the best prices for packaging, janitorial, sanitation and office supplies, streamlining the purchasing process for buyers throughout North America.

This eliminates the need for Trinity to maintain inventory, warehousing, or distribution, significantly reducing barriers to entry in the packaging industry and enabling Trinity to compete directly with the only other national supplier offering an e-commerce catalogue.

Transforming wholesale businesses

Recognising the need for a comprehensive software solution, Trinity developed SupplyStream, a custom product information management system (PIM) featuring a Shopify-style e-commerce storefront and an enterprise resource planning (ERP)-style management system for suppliers.

SupplyStream encompasses several key features:

SupplyFront: A plug-and-play front-end storefront application that simplifies the creation of e-commerce sites with just one click.

SideStream: A proprietary centralised management system designed to assist suppliers in expanding their sales.

SupplierPortal: The first-of-its-kind platform that connects suppliers and the marketplace, facilitating seamless transactions in the wholesale industry.

SupplyStream: A tool offering valuable insights on pricing, missed orders, and industry reports.

The versatility of SupplyStream extends beyond the packaging industry. Suppliers across various sectors can upload their catalogues to the platform, utilising its “one-click” storefront feature to enhance their sales.

As a viable alternative to Amazon‘s “Seller’s Central,” SupplyStream offers a competitive storefront experience, empowering businesses to compete directly with the e-commerce giant.