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The release of the dirty dozen list earlier this week named and shamed the twelve businesses whose packaging accounts for 70% of UK litter. Coca-Cola has once again been named the top polluter – having topped the list for four consecutive years – this year accounting for 17% of the sampled waste.

Released by Surfers Against Sewage on 21 July, the list calls for accountability, and other Twitter users have been encouraged to share it.

Following the publication of the list, social media users have been putting pressure on the company. James Melville’s reminder to his followers that, despite being the biggest plastic polluter, Coca-Cola also sponsored COP27, was widely retweeted.

Influencer Lucy Woods also weighed in.

According to research by GlobalData, discussions around the circular plastic economy and carbon emissions have been two of the top five packaging themes discussed across Twitter and Reddit this week.

Among accusations of greenwashing, proving genuine concern for environmental issues such as plastic pollution and littering is crucial for companies looking to convince consumers that their environmental, social and governance pledges are not solely marketing strategies.