British recycling figures for paper / board and aluminium packaging have increased by 6.3% and 11% respectively in the third quarter of 2011 despite ongoing fears of a double-dip recession, said the UK Environment Agency.

During the quarter more than 1,809,891t of packaging was processed, up from 1,836,168t in the second quarter, according to the National Packaging Waste Database’s PRN/PERN figures.

However, recycling figures for steel declined by 13%, plastic by 3% and glass by 0.1%.

Aluminium achieved the highest quarterly figure on record, with 20,249t processed.

Some 827,124t of paper was sent for recycling, and only 2,540t of paper packaging will need to be reprocessed before the end of 2011.

The Environment Exchange senior market operator Tom Rickerby said there is little evidence of the slowdown in the export markets, with paper and aluminium showing good quarter-on-quarter growth.