Ulma Packaging has developed a new horizontal flow wrapper called Artic Quad for cook-in-the-bag poultry wrapping.

The new machinery produces ovenable polyethylene pillow pack bags featuring modified atmosphere packaging to extend the shelf life of the products.

The flow wrapper comprises a long dwell sealing head to assure hermetically sealed packs during high production speeds.

The equipment profiles and seals film on four corners of the chicken, wrapped with or without a tray, for a box-like effect. It also allows printing on four sides of the pack to increase the product’s visibility.

Artic Quad creates the hermetic seal that protects the integrity of the bag, preventing juices from seeping out and contaminating surfaces and other products.

The packaging allows consumers to place the chicken directly into the oven for cooking without touching the raw poultry.

Ulma Packaging offers a range of flow wrappers for shrink, stretch shrink, barrier shrink, laminate and ovenable pillow packs.

The company also provides automated in-line solutions for processors to improve packaging formats within the poultry industry.