In the dynamic world of business, where first impressions matter more than ever, packaging has evolved beyond a mere vessel for products to an integral component of a brand’s identity and advertising strategy.

In a recent interview with Derek Sims, Director of National Accounts at Fortis Solutions Group, we explored the transformative power of innovative packaging solutions for small businesses and the often-overlooked role they play in shaping market presence.

Brand storytelling through packaging

According to Sims, the most successful small businesses are those that integrate their package into their brand story. It’s not just about the material or design; it’s about conveying a message.

For instance, if a product is packaged in post-consumer recycled plastic, that environmental commitment becomes a story to tell.

Brands that embrace this approach build stronger connections with consumers, who increasingly value sustainability and ethical practices.

Building unique brand identity

The package is not just a container; it’s the fullest representation of a brand. Sims emphasizes that a package can serve as a powerful tool for creating a unique brand identity, differentiating small businesses from their competitors.

Whether it’s the signature red of Coca-Cola or the distinctive packaging that set Pringles apart, packaging choices play a vital role in brand recognition.

E-commerce dynamics and packaging innovation

The rise of e-commerce has brought about a shift in packaging dynamics. Rigid containers are giving way to flexible packaging, particularly when shipping multiple products.

Sims notes the importance of packaging conformability, as damaged goods can be a consumer’s first interaction with a brand. Flexible packaging, with its lightweight and convenient attributes, is gaining popularity in the e-commerce landscape.

Strategic leveraging of packaging

For small businesses, especially those making their first impression, the package serves as a crucial billboard.

Sims advises businesses to ensure that their packaging not only grabs attention but also communicates the brand promise and relevant information.

He highlights the growing trend of flexible packaging, citing its positive attributes such as easy opening and closing, which consumers love.

Sustainability as a driving force

As sustainability takes center stage, Fortis collaborates with small businesses to develop eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Sims emphasises the importance of understanding a brand’s motivation for sustainability and tailoring solutions accordingly. Sustainability, he notes, is a journey with trade-offs, and the excitement lies in helping brands move towards their environmental goals.

Customized packaging for industry-specific needs

Sims provides examples of how customized packaging addresses specific advertising needs within industries.

In the frozen dessert sector, digital printing on packaging differentiates products, while in the beverage industry, changing shrink sleeves attracts buyers to limited-release bottles, turning them into highly collectible items.

Ultimately, the interview with Derek Sims sheds light on the pivotal role of packaging in small business advertising.

From being a silent container to a dynamic storyteller and brand differentiator, packaging has emerged as a strategic tool that, when leveraged effectively, can unlock the full potential of small businesses in the competitive marketplace.