An inventor from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has developed a patent-pending invention aimed at simplifying the process of transporting bags of mulch and fertiliser.

The new design, known as the Yard Work Packaging, offers an alternative to traditional shoulder-carrying methods, addressing the issue of torn bags in the process.

The Yard Work Packaging was born out of the need to find a more convenient way to transport bulky bags of mulch from the store to the backyard.

The innovative packaging design eliminates the requirement to carry heavy bags over one’s shoulder and, in turn, helps prevent bag tearing.

Time and effort saved

The Yard Work Packaging design offers a practical solution that eases the task of transporting bags of mulch and fertiliser. By eliminating the need for shoulder-carrying, the bag saves time and effort and reduces the physical strain associated with moving heavy bags.

This innovation is not limited to a specific audience, making it suitable for a wide range of users, including households and landscaping professionals. Moreover, the design is adaptable to various bag sizes, enhancing its versatility.

Available for licensing or sale

The original design for the Yard Work Packaging has been submitted to the National Sales Office of InventHelp and is now open for licensing or sale to manufacturers and marketers.

InventHelp is a US company specialising in invention services, facilitating the submission of ideas to companies and providing patent referral assistance.

This development may pave the way for a more convenient and efficient method of handling bags of mulch and fertiliser, ultimately benefiting those who engage in gardening and landscaping activities.