Finnish company Valmet is set to deliver an OptiConcept M containerboard making line for paper products manufacturer Shanying International, located in Jingzhou, Hubei province, China.

With a wide automation package, the new production line (PM 21) has been designed to generate high-quality testliner grades.

With the deployment of the equipment, the China-based company aims to increase its production capacity for achieving larger market shares.

The new OptiConcept M containerboard machine is slated to begin operations at the end of next year.

Though the value of the order has not been disclosed, the total amount of this type of an order is typically €40m to €50m.

“The new OptiConcept M containerboard machine is slated to begin operations at the end of next year.”

Under the deal, Valmet will supply a high-speed OptiConcept M containerboard making line from broke collection to reel.

The PM 21’s fluting grades will feature OptiFlo Gap headbox with Aqua layering technology for two-layer sheet production with layer coverage using only one headbox and a forming unit, in addition to OptiFormer Gap former with shoe and blade technology, enabling high-capacity at high-speed.

Featuring shoe and blade technology, Former offers enhanced strength properties, uniform CD profiles and improved board formation.

The company will also supply OptiPress Center roll-based press section, OptiRun Single dryer section, OptiSizer Film sizer, OptiCalendar hard nip calendar, OptiReel Pope and OptiCart Stream parent roll cart with transfer rails.

The scope of the delivery will also include related ventilation equipment, operational components, Valmet DNA machine control and process control systems, and a Valmet IQ quality measurement system.

The 8,600mm-wide wire board machine will be used to manufacture test liner grades.