Premium branded lubricants and automotive services supplier Valvoline has created a new gear-oil packaging solution to meet the needs of its customers.

Named FlexFill, the patented bag simplifies the changing of synthetic gear oil.

It also provides a more flexible alternative, as well as less wasteful automotive Do-It-Yourself (DIY) experience.

Valvoline chief marketing officer Heidi Matheys said: “At Valvoline, we strive to make vehicle care easy — through both superior product engineering and innovative product packaging.

“FlexFill is designed for use in tight spaces and to reduce product waste, giving users the satisfaction of utilising every bit of gear oil purchased and doing so with less overall difficulty.”

Synthetic gear-oil packaging initially contained hard plastic, difficult to manoeuvre in an automobile’s undercarriage.

Besides generating less waste, FlexFill provides an easier user experience, even in compact spaces.

Available in two synthetic gear oil grades SAE 75W-90 and SAE 75W-140, FlexFill packaging is available at Advance, AutoZone Meijer, Walmart, Amazon and other retail stores.

Valvoline chief research and development officer Roger England said: “Every day, we work to create solutions for our users, whether those solutions create better protection for vehicles, enhance the lifespan of an automobile or provide time-saving, environmentally sound options for DIYers.

“Valvoline’s product and packaging engineers will continue to innovate in every area – from design to products and services – to meet the needs of our ever-evolving customers.”