French transnational waste, water and energy management company Veolia has launched the first of its kind initiative, Sustainable Packaging Academy (SPA).

The initiative is part of the company’s efforts to address the packaging waste issue and strengthen sustainability to achieve a circular plastic economy.

The academy members could be anyone working in packaging design, environment and supply chain for food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, retail or packaging manufacturing.

The initiative will provide businesses access to regulatory and industry newsletters and enable them to network with other packaging stakeholders and recycling experts to boost sustainability.

This approach will make it easy to collect, recycle and return packaging materials for re-use in the industry.

Veolia UK and Ireland chief technology and innovation officer Richard Kirkman said: “We all know the impact of packaging on the environment, and the launch of our Sustainable Packaging Academy will further strengthen our work with manufacturers, industry bodies and local authorities in the drive to ensure that it is all recyclable.

“Our all-in-one service now delivers the expertise needed to understand packaging recyclability and make the right design decisions and can help develop joint solutions or new recycling processes. In the move to cut climate change and target net-zero carbon, it is vital that we address the real impact packaging has, and the SPA will help do just that.”

In May 2019, Veolia invested £1m in its Dagenham Plastic Recycling centre in London, UK, in response to increasing demand.